Peonies are one of my favored flowers, and they smell heavenly. But once peony buds begin to open, the blossoms quickly come to be as well large for the stems to support the heavy blossoms, and also unavoidably they go crashing to the ground. Including peony sustains at the right time will maintain your peonies from tipping over.

Peony Supports & Tips For Exactly How To Keep Peonies From Falling Over

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The greatest mistake individuals make with their peonies is leaving them entirely unsupported. If peony flowers are left unsupported, they will certainly collapse to the ground virtually as quickly as the buds open.

If peony blossoms are left on the ground, they will only last a couple of days and you will not reach see them in their full splendor.


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Peonies tip over due to the fact that the stems aren’t strong enough to support the substantial peony flowers. The peony stems might have the ability to take care of the weight for a few days while the buds are opening up.

However toss a rain shower or two in there and also … lumber! The peony blossoms quickly flop to the ground.

It’s so unfortunate to see a peony shrub entirely collapsed simply at the optimal of its blossom time.

If you provide peony flowers sustain, the blooms will certainly last a number of days much longer, and even more of the flower buds will be able to open on the shrub.


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It’s simple to include plant sustains to maintain your peonies growing upright. In order to offer the proper assistance for peonies, you need to obtain some peony cages to hold them up.

Just make sure that the support you make use of is the appropriate size for you peonies.

Some peony selections expand taller than others, as well as will require taller sustains to hold the flowers upright.

If your supports are also short, the flowers will just collapse over the top of the assistances.

Also remember that a large peony shrub will certainly call for a broader support than a smaller sized one.


Peony sustains been available in lots of forms, as well as the type you utilize will certainly rely on just how big your peony plant is.

Peony cages: If your peony shrub is little to tool sized, then you can have great deals of options.

You can acquire peony assistance cages that are especially produced flowers like peonies, such as this one with stackable rings. Cord tomato plant sustains (like these strong wire tomato cages or these hassle-free foldable tomato cages) additionally work great to support a tiny peony plant.

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Grow with peony supports: A peony grid, or other kind of expand via plant sustains also function great for sustaining tiny peony plants.

Do It Yourself peony supports (homemade): For actually huge peony bushes, you will require huge plant sustains. The most convenient thing to do in this situation can utilize sturdy risks and string or connections (I enjoy using these elastic plastic connections or this cut-a-size wire garden spin ties) to create your very own plant hoop supports.


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The best time to add a support to your peony bush is either early in the springtime prior to the stems grow as well tall, or late autumn after you have lowered the stems for the wintertime.

I favor to include mine in the fall to stop damages to tender brand-new growth in the spring.

After that, as the peony stems start to expand each springtime (and also they expand quickly!), help them by meticulously directing them to grow through the center of the assistance.

Be gentle though, since the tender brand-new development can damage actually quickly.

If you develop your own peony assistance out of stakes as well as string, you can mount it at any time. Simply beware not to harm the peony bulbs when you pound the risks right into the ground.


If you’re making use of peony cages, cable tomato cages, or an additional kind of grow with peony sustains, position the assistance so that the plant is focused in the hoop.

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After that you can just press the legs of the support right into the ground around your peony.

Preferably, the size of the hoops on your cages must be larger than the diameter of the rootball of your peonies.

If your peony cage is also little, you risk damaging the peony origins as well as light bulbs when you press the cages right into the ground.


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If your peony shrub is too large to use grow via plant sustains, after that you can develop a DIY peony cage using plant stakes and also ties.

You can likewise use this approach for supporting peonies that are currently blooming, to prop up any kind of blossoms that are currently sagging, or to sustain peonies that are too tall for business peony cages.

Below’s what you’ll need to make homemade plant sustains for peonies.

Material Needed:

Sturdy risks (the variety of stakes you require depends upon just how big your plant is).
Plant connections (I such as to make use of twine, plastic plant ties or select-a-size cord connections).
Hammer or rubber club.
Action 1: Position a plant stake a couple of inches away from the rootball, then utilize your hammer or rubber club to drive the it right into the ground.

Action 2: Function your way around your peony plant, driving in an additional stake every couple of feet till you have made a circle your peony.

Step 3: Link one end of your plant connection to a plant risk, string it to the following stake, and cover it around or tie it to the stake to protect it.

Maintain wrapping the plant tie around each plant stake till you have a complete ring around the entire peony shrub.

If your peony currently has drooping flowers, after that gently lift them up as you work your means from risk to risk.

Step 4: Placement the plant tie to make sure that it rests simply listed below the base of the peony flowers to provide the most effective support. If your peony ring is too low, the flowers can still tumble over.

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Do not stress way too much if your Do It Yourself peony cage isn’t ideal. Once the plant is done flowering, you can simply remove the assistance. I normally remove my peony risks as well as plant connections when I trim my peonies after they’re done blooming.

Yet, I just leave my peony cages in year round. It’s as well hard to eliminate grow via plant sustains when the plant has filled out, as well as you can’t actually see them with the thick peony leaves anyhow.


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Get rid of the invested peony blossoms as the flowers begin to turn brown. This will certainly motivate the small buds to open up, extending the blossom time.
Since they are such early springtime farmers, it’s ideal to lower peonies in the loss after tough frost has actually killed the foliage. This also helps protect against insects and disease. Just reduce the plant all the way down to the ground.
Cut your peonies after they’re done blooming to eliminate the dead blossoms, as well as give the plants a wonderful form for the summer season.
Do not reduce peony foliage to the ground prematurely or your peony won’t have enough time to accumulate the power it needs to grow in the springtime.
For more information concerning how to expand peonies in your garden, read my extensive peonies care overview.

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Getting into the habit of adding your peony plant sustains prior to your plant also start to grow will certainly make it a lot easier to maintain the blossoms from tumbling every springtime.

However do not fret if you failed to remember, you can still lay your peonies after the flowers have actually opened, as well as conserve them from collapsing to the ground.

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