Have you ever before observed how red blossoms always appear to get the most attention in the garden? I suggest, even a solitary red perennial blossom in a garden filled with various other plants draws the eye right to it. It’s sort of … interesting. I understand something for certain– regarding blossoms go, red is certainly one of my faves, as well as I work to add it right into my yards as high as I can.

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One of the primary reasons red stands out a lot in the yard is that red as well as green are complimentary shades. If you remember waaaaaaaay back (well, possibly not that far back) to elementary art course … complimentary shades produce the best contrast when combined with each other than they make with any type of other shade. That’s why any kind of red seasonal blossom naturally includes an incredible amount of pop in the garden, and also actually commands interest (and additionally why I’m so obsessed with them)!

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An additional advantage of red perennial blossoms is that hummingbirds enjoy them! Red is their favorite color. And if you can discover one that is belonging to your growing zone … also better! , butterflies, hummingbirds as well as various other beneficial visitors make certain to group to it.


Like I said, I’m constantly working to include as much red to my perennial gardens as possible. Red is a rather usual color when it involves annuals as well as tropical plants, yet there aren’t as several red seasonal blossoms to choose from (specifically when you reside in a cold climate like I do). However do not worry, there are still lots of alternatives– and right here are my present fixations …

Cardinal blossom– Talk about a hummingbird magnet! Red principal flowers not only add major pop in the garden, however they are native perennials. They are best for a wet, swampy area of your yard or the container of a rain yard.

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Poppies– I am obsessed with poppies of any kind of color, however specifically enjoy the brilliant red ones! They are so sensational in the garden, they practically stop traffic (ehem, that might be since I bang on my breaks when I see them, LOL).

Azalea– I especially enjoy the comparison of brilliant red azalea blossoms against the dark shiny foliage. It’s a drool-worthy combination in any type of shady yard location. Oh, and also red stands out even more in the color yard! XOXO.

MikeGoad / Pixabay

Rudbeckia– Oh rudbeckia, what would I do without you? There are many varieties of rudbeckia to select from that you might seriously do a whole garden area with them, as well as it would be stunning (although, it would only grow once annually … so, there’s that). Red rudbeckia blossoms are especially stunning, and also becoming very popular perennials. I absolutely need to add more of them to my garden!

Lilies– You really can’t go wrong with lilies– and also they are all over! Yet red is definitely one of my favorite color of lily flowers.

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Astilbe (cover photo)– I fell in love with astilbes beforehand in my perennial gardening life, and also I assume I could simply enjoy them a lot more currently. Astilbe was the very first seasonal plant that I bought with my own cash, as well as one of the very first points I grew in my yard when I purchased my first home. Those initial plants are still growing strong today (and have even been split a couple of times).

Coneflowers– Nowadays you can find some quite trendy looking coneflowers, and also my current fave is this ‘Hot Papaya’ dual coneflower. There are also single coneflowers that are available in red if you favor the look of those (I have a couple of presently on my want list).

lumix2004 / Pixabay

Weigela– While weigelas been available in a few various colors, consisting of red obviously. I’m growing ‘Red Royal prince’ weigela in my yard, as well as it’s covered with charming little red flowers during the very early summer season that actually stand out versus the light eco-friendly leaves.

Perennial hibiscus– When my neighbors red seasonal hibiscus started to flower for the first time, it stopped me in my tracks. Prior to after that, I had actually never ever seen red perennial hibiscus blossoms in my expanding area. Speak about a traffic stopper! Those big red perennial blossoms are a should in my book!

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Yarrow– Yep, you can find yarrow flowers in red also. I have actually expanded one called ‘Paprika’ in my yard before, as well as it’s an additional stunner. If you know with yarrow, you know it has really trendy looking slender foliage that happens to be a lovely shade of eco-friendly. The best contrast for this spicy red perennial blossom.

Roses– I want to bet that when you considered red perennial blossoms, among the first things that stood out right into your head was roses. Well, no list of red blossoms would certainly be full without roses– a classic staple in every garden.

congerdesign / Pixabay

Clematis– An additional incredible red perennial flower can be found in the kind of a clematis. These terrific climbers cover a trellis pretty promptly, and also make a fantastic background to any garden location. Imagine a trellis in the rear of your yard covered in red clematis blossoms. Pretty incredible right?

balm– Bee balm is properly called because these blossoms are total magnets– and also they are another one or our awesome indigenous perennials (though the shade of the initial indigenous flower is a light purple).

JamesDeMers / Pixabay

Red honeysuckle– Discuss a hummingbird magnet, red honeysuckle is one of their faves! This gorgeous climbing seasonal creeping plant would look superb growing over an arbor or garden arch. I mean WOW, what a declaration!

Dragons blood sedum– Sedums and succulents are my preferred sorts of plants, and I expand as numerous sturdy varieties as I can below in my chilly environment. Dragons blood sedum is definitely one of my faves since it has a dark red blossom that carpetings areas of my seasonal gardens (you can see it on the appropriate side of the photo below). I suggest, check out just how it contrasts keeping that bright yellow/green variegated sedum. Oh, that makes me so satisfied!

ArtisticOperations / Pixabay

Lychnis– You might have noticed that there’s another red perennial blossom bulging at the bottom of the photo above also. That one is Lychnis arkwrightii ‘Orange Gnome’. Even though it’s named ‘Orange Gnome’, the blossom on this set looks brilliant red in my garden.

Tulips– When you add red spring flowering blossoms to your yard, you will reach enjoy this stunning color even earlier in the season. What a welcome sight for aching eyes in the spring. And also, could this color combination be anymore excellent? (Just make sure to protect them from hungry bunnies, grrr!).

jill111 / Pixabay

Sedums– Like I said in the past, sedums are among my preferred plants, and they are becoming very popular perennials around here. The ‘Red Cauli’ is a high selection that not only has sensational red flowers, yet the vegetation is additionally beautiful in the yard even when the blossoms aren’t growing.

Unlike in fashion, red selects everything in the yard! I likewise believe that red flowers add a little an official feeling to the garden too. Maybe that’s because red perennial flowers command attention, so they feel much more formal to me.

With any luck you’ve found some brand-new fascinations for adding red to your seasonal gardens. The following time you’re shopping for yard perennials, make sure you take this list of red seasonal blossoms with you. Trust me, no garden is total without vibrant stands out of red.

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